Life Coaching @ ILABS

Tailormade Life Coaching services at ILABS help you achieve your SMART Life Goals using proven techniques to optimize your Lifestyle and unlock your Brain Power.

The exhaustive report obtained form the DMIT Test uncovers various crucial aspects of the candidate. But the real work actually begins now.

Though the DMIT Test Report has a great amount of value, but there is still a need of a Qualified Coach who can interpret the DMIT Test Report in it’s entirety. The Coach works with the candidate to set the SMART goals. SMART Goals should be agreeable not only to the candidate but also to all the other stakeholders in the family as well.

Once the SMART Goals are set, we work to set Long Term Career Goals followed by the relevant Short Term Goals. These Short Term Goals help us to identify the needed Actions to be focused upon to start with.

Another vital aspect of Life Coaching @ ILABS is the monthly review meeting to check the progress towards the set SMART Goals. Here we exchange, assess and tweak the actions to ensure that we are progressing on the right track.

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