Institute of Lifestyle and Brain Studies (ILABS) works as a catalyst of identifying the hidden potential of it’s clients. We set their worthy SMART Goals and rekindle a spark of self excellence. This ensures that the clients achieve their life goals with balanced lifestyle and Trained Brains.

ILABS is the Vision of the Founder and CEO, Piyush Singh, who is a Certified Career Management Professional. He wishes to serve the society utilizing his expertise acquired form his over 23 years of career as a Mentor and Guide in the field of Information Technology. He practices and applies a values system built upon the principles lerned through regular study and practice of life transformingfrom Vedic Scriptures.

Our MissionOur Essence
To play the role of a catalyst in discovering personality traits of individuals, set worthy SMART Goals and coach them to achieve the set SMART Goals.An ongoing endeavour to destroy the lack of awareness of the self, that hampers the individuals from attaining success and happiness that they actually deserve.
Our PromiseOur Vibe
To professionally apply our expertise to work smart with each individual to serve them in line with our Mission to offer them best possible results.We aspire to contribute to build a world where everyone leads a fulfilling life by pursuing one’s passion and doing what one loves to do.
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