HARI – Happy Always Responsibly


Want to be Happy? Always Happy? Of course, anyone will answer these questions with a Yes only. However, one thing that most people miss to learn is to be Happy Always, Responsibly, which I prefer to call HARI, in short. This means that it is our own hands to be Always Happy but we’d need to learn the art of being Responsible for the same.

Below are a few tips for a Responsible Lifestyle that when followed for a period of a minimum of 40 days without a break, are sure to bless the practitioner the Best of Both Worlds.

Ingrediants of a Happy Always Life

  1. Early to Bed and Early to Rise
  2. Follow Sleeping Direction Tips
  3. Bedtime Rituals
  4. Wakeup Rituals
  5. Practice Rituals to Please the Superior Beings
  6. Believe in Your Karma, Accept whatever comes your way – good or bad
  7. Practice Mantra Meditation
  8. Have Few Rules for your Eating Habits
  9. Excercise
  10. Feel Grateful for everything and Repay

Above is a list of tried and tested ways of leading a Happy Life. We plan to have more details in this post to enrich this post even more.

Wishing you a Happy Life Always!!!

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